The BackJoy Posture Plus, Core & Mini are a Patented Orthotic support for the lower back. The Pelvic Tipping System cradles & floats your pelvis for strain free movement while you sit. The Orthotic Cradling system allows you to engage your core muscles. Lightweight & completely portable. SITTING NEVER FELT SO GOOD! The BackJoy Kneeler advanced core material offers superb cushioning & pressure relief for the knees.


1. Step 1 :
BackJoy “tilts” to correct your posture

BackJoy gently tilts your pelvis forward to correctly align your spine. This allows your body weight to be placed on proper weight bearing bones, alleviating pain and strain from the spine’s muscles and ligaments.


2. Step 2:
BackJoy “cradles” your muscles to stop tightening

Even with correct posture, the muscles in your buttocks flatten under your body weight - creating pain in your back. BackJoy’s patented system cradles these buttocks muscles and keeps them from flattening. The result is that it immediately stops the automatic tightening of your back’s muscles when you sit.


3. Step 3:
BackJoy “lifts” your pelvis to eliminate pressure.

Like a pain relieving shock absorber, BackJoy lifts your pelvis off the sitting surface, allowing it to rest in the muscle tissue of your buttocks. BackJoy allows the six components of the pelvis to work fluidly as one unit, minimising the wear and tear on the joints and eliminating pressure. The result is a pain free back!


Without BackJoy

  • The pelvis falls backward
  • Muscles flatten on the seat
  • Spine becomes a “C” shape

With BackJoy

  • Holds pelvis upright like standing
  • Cradling the muscles allows the pelvis to “float” above the seat eliminating painful pressure points on tailbone and sit bones
  • Spine has a healthy “S” shape