BackJoy Posture Plus
BackJoy Posture Plus

BackJoy Posture Plus

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BackJoy is not a simple cushion or support device. When you sit on BackJoy, you activate the patented Orthotic Cradling System. BackJoy "turns-on" under your body weight and works in unison with your body.

This system provides dynamic support by rotating your pelvis from three points simultaneously- the Ischia, Sacrum and Ilium. BackJoy cups, cradles, and floats your pelvis in your muscle and soft tissues, so your lumbar spine can find its most comfortable position while you sit instead of becoming locked in a fixed position. Unnatural pressures and strains are reduced - your pelvis is free!

The Posture Plus differs from the Relief in that it is made from Crosslite, a closed-cell resin which is the primary raw material used in this product. It also offers an anti-bacterial coating. The effect is also more profound than the Relief with a higher arch & more forward tilting. It is also anti-slip.



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